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Buying A Used Car

You can negotiate the value of your trade-in vehicle, too, if you have one. As you craft your budget, consider how long you plan on keeping the car and how long you want to make payments. Think about other debts, expenses, and payments you may have, both now and in the future. Develop a plan for how to pay that you can follow with confidence.

  • Unless the seller has a no-haggle price guarantee, you can probably purchase the car for less if you know how to negotiate.
  • When you and the salesperson hit the road, take care to treat the car like you would if you owned it.
  • When in doubt, check the state’s registry website for more information.
  • It will also show things from out of state which will not show up on a DMV title search.
  • Even car dealerships have sold cars to which they did not have legal title.

And if you’re planning on a third child, we’d recommend a 3-row SUV or minivan over a smaller 2-row SUV. After the test drive, check the back-seat leg room and cargo capacity. Now it’s time to blast the sound system and see if your phone connects via Bluetooth. It’s nice to think the car you’re interested in was driven to church by a little old lady for its entire life.

Certified Used Cars

Do you need lots of cargo space, extra safety features, great fuel economy? Very rarely will a car be able to provide absolutely everything you want, so prioritizing your needs will help you narrow your search. A key question to ask when buying a used car autoplacis Rīgā is about the car’s maintenance records. Did the previous owner or owners get regular tune-ups and oil changes? If there was ever an accident, were the repairs recorded? You can also ask the seller for a copy of the CarFax report or look for it online.

Below are some local service stations that perform diagnostic inspections. Please remember that the U-M International Center cannot guarantee the quality of any specific mechanic. It is more like insurance to cover the cost of repairs the vehicle may need in the future. Service contracts are expensive and frequently do not cover the repairs you may need. Read the contract carefully to see which repairs it does not cover. These cars may still have serious safety defects even after repairs.

Why Would I Buy A Used Car?

Don’t forget the Instant Market Value estimate, either. Pitch a respectful offer and make sure the dealership understands that you’ve done your research to identify the best price. Every CarGurus listing includes an Auto Loan Calculator, which you can use for some quick answers—but don’t forget to add your state’s sales tax. Factor in an expected car loan financing rate, too, but keep in mind that your specific loan terms and interest rate will likely depend on your credit score. A certified pre-owned or CPO car is a used vehicle that has undergone a detailed inspection by a dealership, is in excellent condition and has an extended warranty.

They’re sold by car manufacturers and dealers, and independent companies. Independent used car dealershipsare also a smart place to look. Sure, you have to negotiate withpushy salesmen, but you can definitely find a deal at a solid dealership.

Dealers will often be antsy to get cars off the lot that have been there for a while, so those offer the best chance for negotiation. However, be careful to ensure you are still getting a good quality vehicle with a clean title. You can search for a licensee online at If you’re unsure what kind of vehicle you’re interested in, visit one or more local dealerships to research different makes and models to guide your decision. Even if you think you know which specific car you want, you should still investigate competitors to confirm your choice.

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